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About AMI Trains

About AMI

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AMI is formed primarily of:
Illegal Alien

AMI Trains is the UK Supporting sister operation to LocoTrains (LT).

AMI Trains is now owned and hosted by Owen Rudge, operator of Owen's Locomotion Depot and Owen's Transport Tycoon Station. However, rest assured that the site is not likely to experience any major disruptive changes in the near future.

Where to download?
Right here on AMI Trains. For alternatives, please see the TT-Forums Topic. There are, at present, no other Authorised Download Locations (ADL). Please contact us if you wish to mirror our downloads or to report an Unauthorised Download Location.

What if I have a problem?
The BR and NI sets are MSTS conversions and are therefore released under the "Own Risk" EULA. However, for basic Free support please see the TT-Forums Topic. There is no offical Paid Support as this is a FreeWare Unsupported Product.

I have been charged for my BR Set. Why?
You shouldn't have been, and we recommend you demand your money back. We make No-Charge for downloading the software nor do we charge for the hours of fun we hope you will have. If you have been charged, please tell us who did and why. If they have used the old excuse of "I've charged you £5 for a CD, but the download was free", offer them a CD back. If they've charged you for their time, offer them the equivalent of your time.

I've enjoyed playing with these and want to know when the next update will be.
We do not put fixed dates on upgrades as we are working for no charge and cannot always commit. Please watch the TT-Forums Topic for more information.

I've seen you guys somewhere before... haven't I?
AMI Train's Sister European Operation, LT Trains, offers the HS, BE and LT Trains as well. Please see the TT-Forums Topics for further information. Andel has also been on TV, but he maintains CrumbWatch doesn't count.

I would like to contribute. How...?
Since we are non-money-making service, we recommend either:
Make a donation to us
Sign up to our host, Zernebok Hosting
Make a scenario using the BR or NI Set for us to host and for others to Download
Make us a cake. MajorDuck likes Cake (Although he needs to slim down), Andel - well, need we say more?

Chocolate, double chocolate, death by chocolate, triple chocolate or Genocide by Chocolate. Thanks.

AMI Trains are proud to host the mirror files for PikkaRail's Locomotion Objects.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 November 2011 16:41  

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