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Number of Categories: 15
British Rail Set (BR Set) Files: 6

British Rail Set

Northern Ireland (NI) Set Files: 2

Northern Ireland (NI) Set

Chicago Locomotive Works (Plastikman and Friends) Files: 11

North American Vehicles

Strongbow Packs Files: 2

Strongbow's Creations

Seelenqueel Files: 2

Seelenqueel's Creations

AMI Originals Files: 18

Mod's Created Specifically for AMI

Locomotion Tools Files: 12

Tools and Utilities for Locomotion

LocoTrains - Illegal Alien Files: 14

Ilegal Alien's Creations

PikkaRail Files: 3

PikkaRail's Creations

Jose Files: 1

Old North American Stock

Classic Locomotion Mods Files: 6

Preservation of older mods

Scenarios Files: 2

Scenarios for Locomotion

Digidampfman Files: 2

Digidampfman's Creations

DJC Files: 2

DJC's British Steam Locomotives and Stock

Zeak Files: 9

Zeak's Locomotion Mods from his Website. Most are Australian Themed.

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