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CLW Limited Edition Pack 1: Conrail Alcos Version:2.0

CLW Limited Edition Pack 1: Conrail Alcos

This pack Starts in 1976.

When Conrail was formed in 1976, it inherited an impressive fleet of ALCO Century locomotives including almost every existing model. Unfortunately it didn't last long, the entire fleet was retired and sold or scrapped in the late 70's and early 80's.

This locomotive set contains 15 of Conrail's Centuries, many engines still wear their original livery which makes this a very colourful set of CR blue, PC black, LV red, RDG yellow/green, LHR grey/blue & EL grey/maroon locomotives.

Here is a short list of the included engines:
C-420: #2073 ex-Lehigh & Hudson River units, no d/B.
C-424: #2477, ex-Erie Lackawanna, and #2494, ex-Reading Lines.
C-425: #2427 & #2454, all units are former Penn Central locomotives, #2454 has no d/B.
C-430: #2049, ex-Reading Lines, riding on AAR Type B trucks, and #2056, ex-Penn Central, riding on HiAd trucks.
C-628: #6733, ex-Lehigh Valley, #6744 & #6748, ex-Penn Central units.
C-630: #6762, ex-Reading Lines, riding on HiAd trucks, #6768 & #6776, ex-Penn Central units riding on tri mount trucks.
C-636: #6781 & #6790, ex-Penn Central units.

As a bonus, I tossed a Conrail  Boxcar,  Grain Hopper and Coal/Ore Hopper.
 car in the pack just so the engines are not lonely. These are only in this pack.

Updated installers for Windows 7 and X64


Size 9.25 MB
Downloads 5278
Language English
Author Chicago Locomotive Works / Plastikman
Created 2010-11-28 19:31:58
Created by System
Changed at 2010-11-30 22:59:40
Modified by Plastikman


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