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AMI Trains

Locomotion Signal and Station building tutorial

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I found this old Locomotion Signal and Station building tutorial lost on the server while I was doing some housekeeping.

We still have new players that come here looking for mods. They might find some basic guides like this useful.





I'll also link this one. The Loco Railbuilding Guide.



Last Updated on Sunday, 10 February 2013 10:15

Quiet... But not gone.

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I just wanted to take the time and say hi and thank you guys.

I know we have been really quiet lately. Real life has been very hectic.

Do expect some updates and new stuff in the future.


thanks again,


Last Updated on Sunday, 10 February 2013 09:35

Western Pacific Feather River Canyon Trains

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Chicago Locomotive Works presents:

3DTrains Western Pacific Feather River Set for locomotion.

Following the style of the Dekosoft sets, Here is another payware pack.
The Western Pacific Trains of the Feather River Canyon by 3Dtrains

This set represents the trains and rolling stock you would typically see from the late 60's up until the merger of the Western Pacific into the Union Pacific in 1983.

Inside you will find:
The California Zephyr pulled by an FP7 and 2 F3B's
(1 Baggage, 3 sleepers, 1 domed coach, 1 domed diner and 1 domed observation)
2 F7 freight locos
1 F7b Freight loco
1 F7
1 GP35
2 U30B's
1 MOW set
17 Boxcars
4 Flat Cars
2 Bulkhead Flats
2 Centerbeams
5 Grain Hoppers
1 Lumber Car
1 Woodchip Car
1 Gondola
2 Caboose

and of course your new WP player character.

Thanks to Marc Nelson at 3Dtrains for allowing this set to happen.


Zeak's Australian Mods for Locomotion

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Zeak's Australian Mods for Locomotion

AMI is proud to host Zeak's Australian Mods.

Zeak has been a cornerstone for mods for those down under. 

Due to real life constraints and obligations, he has not been able to keep up with his web hosting duties and his mods had fallen off the face of the map.

Thanks to help from Zeak and other members of the community, we have been able to salvage the lost mods and put them up on AMI for everyone to enjoy once again.

the link to Zeak's old page for those that are interested

Thanks guys!


A quick update from AMI...

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Recently word has reached us that copyrighted MSTS items being released as locomotion objects without the appropriate permissions.

AMI Trains has a fairly dim view of such behaviour and as such prides itself on the efforts and level of checks our contributers make.  If you believe some of your work may have been mistakenly included, please tell us - contact Andel via TT-Forums.


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